Resilient Mindset Series

Backed by years of experience in both marathon running and business, our founder infuses expertise into every lesson, ensuring practical and inspiring content.

At MARATHOM, our motivation stems from empowering individuals to cultivate inner strength and resilience through transformative audio lessons that align with our core principles.

Our reach extends to a diverse range of clients, from aspiring athletes to seasoned professionals, all benefitting from our tailored and impactful mindset training programs.

Transforme-se com nossa jornada de resistência mental

Core Values

Discover the guiding principles that drive us forward and shape our commitment to empowering individuals through mental strength training.


We believe in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential through developing a resilient mindset and overcoming mental barriers.


Embracing innovation, we continuously seek new ways to enhance our training programs and deliver cutting-edge mindset development solutions.


Fostering a supportive community, we value collaboration and interaction to create a network of individuals committed to personal growth and mental resilience.

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